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Stone-henge. = Foundation-stallion. = Saxum-admissarius. Petra-epivitoras/Petra-archontas. = Patriarch. = Reign-bow. = Dragon-Tomb = Water-boat. = Aqua-naviculam. = Lifegiver-Ship. = Leben-boot. = Lieben-beide. Et cetera. To find out what is hidden beneath the Stown-Hang, one must dig it up. X or O marks the spot. Tombraiders....

Note: Henge is as a word completely identical to that of hench in 'henchman' meaning stable staff, literally: horse man. From Old English 'hengest' (horse, stallion, gelding), closely related to German 'Hengst', Swedish 'hingst' and 'häst'.
A tiny deserved gift for the English, Canadian English and American English mixtures in any pure blends. No afro, no hindi, no thai, no brown-nosers allowed. God forbids it. 

Neo-shakespeare: To bumblebee, or not to hornet, to exist or not to fulfill, to fly or not to sting, to Tellus, or not to live, to hope, or not to hops....those are a few of the question.

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When this site is put through an online check of location and such, the Internet Protocol Geolocation services seems to work just fine, because it is located in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States of America. That is where has some form of base. When it comes to the domain name, it was purchased via, so in that particular case the IP information is wrong as it is intended to signify Los Angeles.

Note: The only IP checking service that has been 100% accurate in locating my personal computer has been that of NordVPN, which states Stroemsund. All others have said Östersund or Braecke. I have tried to refine one IP checker by reporting the range of accuracy however, so they may start working better soon for me.

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