red neon light cross signage

Stone-henge. = Foundation-stallion. = Saxum-admissarius. Petra-epivitoras/Petra-archontas. = Patriarch. = Reign-bow. = Dragon-Tomb = Water-boat. = Aqua-naviculam. = Lifegiver-Ship. = Leben-boot. = Lieben-beide. Et cetera. To find out what is hidden beneath the Stown-Hang, one must dig it up. X or O marks the spot. Tombraiders....
A tiny deserved gift for the English, Canadian English and American English mixtures in any pure blends. No afro, no hindi, no thai, no brown-nosers allowed. God forbids it. Neo-shakespeare: To bumblebee, or not to hornet, to exist or not to fulfill, to fly or not to sting, to Tellus, or not to live, to hope, or not to hops....those are a few of the question.

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Mmm. Toxins.

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