Norden vil rejse sig igen...

Kronekronen anbefaler!

De virkelige kommunistmordere. Røg Prince! Røg danskt.

A white stripe pattern made up of concrete facade ribs

The current and as of yet strongest soulmate of God the Incarnate is

Not yet determined

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WARNING TO ALL VISITORS: I have officially notified the Royal House of Sweden, which "King" Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus of Bernadotte sits within via the website, so the highest ranking person of the Swedish defense forces is alerted, general and admiral. Please be aware that contacting me is at your own risk, and do NOT by any circumstances mention anything you are not prepared to have recorded by the military. Just in case.

Oh and by the way, I sent a message to the white house of America some time ago, directed at Donald Trump, so there is a slight chance that they too monitor this site. These last times of man is said to be times of terror. I would NOT be surprised whatsoever if they act out their national paranoia by amongst other things looking at this site from time to time. They are as we all know proven counter-terrorist fanatics.

2021-01-05 18:26 Sv Time - Kreml. Presidentti Sauli. 2021-01-05 19:27 Su Time

Spring time cleaning

Not quite finished yet, not in a rush

I am Mr. Clean!

Strömsund, Hertugdømmet, Jämtland

pink and green abstract art

Strömsund, Hertugdømmet, Jämtland

Satans forbandede nation

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